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As well as a tag on your pet’s collar with their name and your contact information, it is recommended that your pet also have a microchip. Microchips provide a permanent tamper proof method of identification for your pet. It will not fade over time or become illegible as can occur with a tattoo and it won’t fall off like an ID tag potentially could.

A microchip can be the life saving connection between you and your lost pet. They are implanted between the shoulder blades. They can sometimes migrate down the shoulders or up around the neck area, but all kennel staff, veterinary staff, shelter staff and animal control staff are trained and equipped to scan all areas of animals found.

Microchip Readers

There are many different styles of microchip readers available. Most are able to scan any type of universal microchip.


A microchip reader is waved over the animal until the unique microchip number appears on the screen. This unique number can then be searched on a database and the pet’s owner contact information can be found. The lost pet can then be returned safe and sound.

A microchip is no bigger in size than a grain of rice. It is made of a material that will not be rejected by your pet’s body and will not irritate your pet at all. It is implanted below the skin using a large gauge needle. It is a quick process and can be done on your pet while they are awake or while they are having an anesthetic or sedation for surgery or other treatments. It doesn’t hurt much more than having a vaccine administered.


Each microchip comes in its own sterile packaging.

To make this microchip blog more exciting, below are some photos of X-rays of animals with microchips implanted. Can you see them?


Hmm, what is that bright white object above the spine?


Occasionally, a microchip may migrate down to the shoulder blade area.


Can you spot the microchip?


Yay! Another microchipped pet!

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