Eagleview Veterinary Hospital

Eagleview Veterinary Hospital

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Office Hours:

Monday 8am-6pm

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Our Services

We are a full service hospital with a holistic approach. We are dedicated to integrating conventional and alternative veterinary medicine, to provide a balanced approach to diagnosis and treatment that will best help us care your pet.

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Our Team

Our ever-expanding team is made up of compassionate and skilled individuals who work together to provide your pets with the highest level of care possible. Your pets will always be treated as if they are our own. All support staff are highly knowledgeable.

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Our team is dedicated to helping the animals and people in our community, both at work and outside of work. You can often find us at local fundraising events, out searching for lost animals or sponsoring and participating in events such as bike races or triathlons.

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Pet Poison Prevention Awareness

023_J480Pets are always extremely curious. They often can’t resist smelling, tasting or ingesting various household items that catch their attention. Many foods, plants, medications or cleaning products may not be safe for your pet if ingested. Poison-proofing your home is very important. If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned or ingested something they shouldn’t, contact your veterinarian immediately and be sure to provide the following information:

  • What was ingested? Bring in the wrapper/bottle if possible.
  • How much was ingested?
  • How long ago?
  • Is your pet on any other medication?
  • Were any other animals in the house involved?

For many toxins, removal of the absorbed substance is enhanced by supporting the pet’s renal system with intravenous fluid therapy. Emesis (inducing vomiting) is very important if you have caught the toxicity early enough.

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