Off-Leash Etiquette

Off leash etiquette can be a sensitive subject. Dogs love to run free, socialize, exercise and play. However, not all dogs appreciate the attention they receive from other dogs and not all people appreciate the attention they receive from other dogs.


Just a few friendly reminders for you and your dogs:


  1. Make sure your dog listens to you and follows your commands. If you have a puppy or a dog that does not understand simple commands like “down” or “off,” they should not be able to run up and greet a person on a trail with “Hi, here is some mud in your eyes.”
  2. If you have a dog that has a tendency to be aggressive to other dogs, please be aware on the trails and keep your dog on leash when you see other dogs approaching or if you know it is a popular dog walking area. The same should go to others who are out with their off-leash dogs. If you see someone approaching with their dogs on leash, please, please, please, put your dog on their leash and don’t just yell out, “Oh don’t worry, mine is friendly!”
  3. If your dog has been enjoying some time in a pond or lake, please don’t let them dry off on other people. Not everyone appreciates smelling like wet dog.
  4. Don’t let your dog run up to people sitting and having a nice picnic in the park, as they may not want to share their lunch.
  5. Be aware of people sitting around relaxing and reading a book in the sun – they probably wouldn’t appreciate your dog running around them barking or having to duck out of the way when your dog goes running over to poke them in the eye with their stick or show off their slobbery tennis ball.
  6. Pick up your dogs poop! Let’s keep these areas clean. Nobody likes having to scrape poop from the bottom of their shoe.




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